Bring Your Blank Space To Life

At Illustrative Ink, we have a love/hate relationship with blank spaces. This is because we see them as a canvas for creating spectacular, evocative art with too much potential to be left untouched. Wherever your blank space may be, let us transform it into something electrifying for you.

Creating large-scale wall mural designs has become one of our specialties at Illustrative Ink that we are well known for. Our talented designers and printing experts have come together to bring to fruition many types of unique wall wraps for a wide variety of businesses — honing in on our craft.

Wall murals are fantastic display options for impact pieces, events, and even redoing your office exterior.

With our printing equipment and materials, we can custom create just about anything you have your heart set on. If you can dream it, we can do it.

Professional Installation

With Illustrative Ink, there’s no more need to wait around and watch the paint dry with our method of creating wall mural designs. In fact, our professional installers can efficiently give your interior or exterior a new look without disrupting your home life or company’s workflow. We install wall murals quickly and effectively with little to no cleanup or maintenance required.

Exterior Design With Wall Murals

We have tested out a wide array of vinyl and other materials to find which ones are best suited for handling the elements of Mississippi weather to ensure your wall wrap will last for years to come — no matter the surface.

Our textured wall films used for our wall murals can be installed on any exterior surface, so whether your building is brick, wood, stucco, or concrete, you can rejuvenate your building’s interior or exterior with your branding, custom graphics, and any information you wish to communicate to make a statement and a promotion all in one.

Interior Design With Wall Murals

Interior vinyl graphics have become the go-to method for taking your interior design to the next level — transforming ordinary walls into extraordinary works of art and imagery. Whether your company’s interior could use a facelift or you are looking for wallpaper designs to spice up your home’s feng shui, you can showcase your personality with custom vinyl wraps.

Storefront Window Graphics

With our one-way window cling, you can customize your store’s entrance and windows with your ideal designs or advertisements with the unique feature of being visible from one side and transparent on the other. These window graphics are a must-have for restaurants, hotels, or just about any storefront in areas of high traffic as they offer a great way to communicate messages and improve the look and feel of your business.

Low-Tack Wall Decals

If you want to spice up your blank walls with graphics but don’t want an entire wall mural covering the surface, our low-tack adhesive is perfect for creating repositionable wall graphics without damaging your current wall paint or wallpaper. Similar to Fatheads®, we can custom print any size of graphics and die-cut them to any shape to best fit your needs. You can stick them, peel them off, and replace them whenever and wherever you want!

Designing Your Wall Mural

We start with a site survey, gathering measurements and details about your space. From there, you collaborate with one of our talented designers to create a custom design for your wall wrap or check your provided art for print quality at large scale. We are then able to provide you with an accurate mock-up of how to expect your final piece to look. We will revise your wall mural design until it is exactly what you are looking for, even if it takes a few rounds until everything is just right.

Installing Your Wall Mural

A wall mural or window graphic installation can span from a couple hours to a couple days depending on the scope of your project. Our installers arrive ready to showcase your art to the world with vinyl lifts and ladders. Since vinyl will not adhere well to fresh paint, we ask that the paint be at least two weeks old on the surface you are planning to adhere your design. If your wall mural is being installed on brick, the surface should be power washed a few days prior to ensure the best results.

Enjoying Your Wall Mural

Since maintenance and aftercare of your artwork is minimal, all you have to do is enjoy your beautiful new wall mural. Because of our high-quality materials, equipment, and process, any marks can be easily wiped away as long as a child (or childish employee) doesn’t get after them with a permanent marker.

If you are ready to take your interior or exterior design to the next level, request a quote for your wall mural or other wall graphic needs and tell us the details!